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"War pox" not Scrapping

"War pox" not Scrapping Herve Leger beauty beauty

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Scrapping detoxification, weight loss ... ... Today, many scraping by Herve Leger scraping to start a beauty salon business.

Chinese experts have warned, however, Herve Leger dress scraping people have qualification certificate to operate, or easily cause harm to the Herve Leger dresses people; and scraping is good, but not for everyone.

"Scraping can promote Herve Leger sale skin soft and shiny ... ... help to lose weight," a lot of scraping the name of herve leger bandage Chinese beauty salons under the banner of the case are introduced.

However, the Herve Leger magical effect of scraping is not for everyone.

Chao-Chih, MD, director of traditional Herve Leger dress Chinese medicine that is popular in our country people scraping a treatment, health care Herve Leger dresses methods.

Scrapping beauty salon said, primarily through scraping swab face and Herve Leger sale the corresponding acupoints on the body, so that the blood smooth head and face.

But herve leger bandage scraping the medical project, who holds a qualification certificate to operate.

In Herve Leger addition, the scraping is mainly targeted at a variety of local pain patients, such as Herve Leger dress back pain or a cold, fever, diarrhea.

Experts emphasized that not all people are Herve Leger dresses suitable for scraping beauty, such as scraping his face with acne who may cause infection Herve Leger sale due to unclean appliances.

In addition, eyes, lips, tongue, ears, nostrils, nipples, herve leger bandage navel and other parts against scraping because the scraping will make the site congestion, Herve Leger and can not be recovered.

Experts also stressed that the skin after exposure to Herve Leger dress the summer becomes very sensitive, particularly sensitive skin are more vulnerable to Herve Leger dresses dryness, redness, etc., when not scraping.

In addition, if not to cure scraping Herve Leger sale should not be too frequent, grab, then there will be heavy congestion, long time, tissue, herve leger bandage skin thickening, and have actually affect the appearance.

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