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Shuya Herve Leger health paste, write office workers - the good health of the two

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Ask is your heart and lung function, diarrhea who always shows his heart and Herve Leger lung function is weak, you see a child's stool is thick and long, it is because the reasons for Herve Leger dress the child's foot yang.

Eating laxative treatment of constipation is wrong, it directly Herve Leger dresses consumes their strength.

So Herve Leger dress how to smooth the bowel it?

"Pro bowl of soup morning Herve Leger sale lying on a glass of water."

The ancients told us, a pot of soup that is the foot-washing herve leger bandage water, a glass of water that is up in the morning to drink a glass of water, or short or salty according Herve Leger to their preferences, which helps smooth bowel movement.

You can get up before the use of Herve Leger dress temporary abdominal push therapy, is lying in bed, his hands start to push down the pit of the stomach, Herve Leger dresses then push down from the ribs, the intensity should be flexible, available finger push, push the tired Herve Leger sale can also thenar

can be used to push Herve Leger dresses the wrist, you will feel this is an aggregate of discharge, herve leger bandage put a few fart, and will have it meaning.

If the stool is difficult to sit on the toilet pushing Herve Leger hurried knock down the outside of the arm, until the index finger from the inside of the elbow stripes. Herve Leger dress

Because this is the place through the large intestine.

Chenshi [7 am ---- 9:00] when Herve Leger dresses you want to eat breakfast good, not sloppy at all, because this is the most active person's stomach Herve Leger sale is the most popular time of the stomach, you should eat breakfast

eat, eat lunch and dinner herve leger bandage to eat less.

Well-known phrase so classic, Herve Leger sale but many people can not do it, so-so deal, and Herve Leger often likely to cause gastrointestinal function in this go discomfort.

Many people diet reversed Herve Leger dress the laws of the dinner as dinner, breakfast and lunch overlooked, is the main cause of obesity.

From Herve Leger dresses midnight to the Mao Shi, the body re-allocation of time, your stomach is empty, need to add fresh Herve Leger sale food, this time to eat breakfast is to supplement the body's blood fluid, but it is also the herve leger bandage outside world when the most popular yang

, you ate nothing, you can burn off their food yang, yang is also the outside world to help you digest, eat a lot and do not worry about fat. herve leger bandage


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