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Shuya Herve Leger health paste, write office workers - the good health of the two

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rub down the red points, has been rubbed into the lines, when the pain started Herve Leger rubbing slowly rubbing, kneading it open, you will eliminate more than half of gas.

3, treatment Herve Leger dress of low back pain the bladder is the body's largest detoxification channels, often on the outside Herve Leger dresses do care if people may be Herve Leger dress familiar to you massage cupping, massage is to select the site back up - Herve Leger sale pulling in the back full of cans,

or in the back massage, Gua Sha, chiropractic, stepped back. herve leger bandage

Why are willing to choose the back for treatment?

Because the back is the bladder through Herve Leger the line of the main parts of extremely wide range of treatment can be said of any diseases within Herve Leger dress the body and the bladder is directly or indirectly.

It is like a Chinese puzzle of the sewage Herve Leger dresses pipes health, if blocked, will be Minhang the daily life of Chinese medicine hospitals address.

The Herve Leger sale bladder in the back there are many shu, Herve Leger dresses Yu is the meaning of the channel, there Feishu, stomach Yu, herve leger bandage spleen, liver Yu, gallbladder Yu, Xinyu, Jue Yin Yu, Shenshu, etc., each of these shu Tong

the Herve Leger various organs, with the different factories which have their own sewage pipes and channels is a Herve Leger dress reason, therefore, to treat Feishu cough, stomach pain to massage the stomach Yu, cardiovascular Herve Leger dresses illness to check Jue Yin Yu.

How effective is the treatment of these shu it?

It can Herve Leger sale be said, the more durable refractory disease, which becomes more effective shu 4, dry eyes often herve leger bandage pour over sour how to do business, time is long, dry eyes, it is that you Herve Leger sale can rub both hands, rub Herve Leger the eyes on

Wet your head on, you can close your eyes, the eyes in the back of the head corresponding Herve Leger dress to the location of rubbing with a finger or thumb, be sure to close your eyes and mind on the feeling Herve Leger dresses of blood pouring into his eyes, two minutes later, you will

feel Yankuangshirun.

5, Herve Leger sale insomnia how to do?

As a result of the pressure, some people sleepless nights, affecting both herve leger bandage work and health.

At bedtime, to find six vacuum tank, a pull in the navel in the abdominal cavity 7 cm, a 3 cm under the navel pull air sea cave, pulling the remaining four tanks are on either side of the thigh herve leger bandage in front of (

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