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Magic of female beauty

Magic of female beauty Herve Leger - and beauty of the relationship between freckle

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銆?銆怸ellow Emperor said, yellow Herve Leger is red hot, white for the cold, green for the pain.

Therefore, Herve Leger dress the general warm food is hot, and green food is cold in Herve Leger dresses nature.

Only two kinds of veggies, we remember well, Herve Leger sale although the color leek and fennel is cool, but things herve leger Herve Leger dress bandage really hot, do not confuse.

Here are some freckle Herve Leger of the prescription: 1. Safflower wine for blood stasis Herve Leger dress caused by the stain, we can use 100 grams of saffron soaked Herve Leger dresses in rice wine to 400mg a day, a small cup.

2. Vinegar Herve Leger sale soaked peach 3. Angelica Paojiu irregular menstruation herve leger bandage if the woman is also Herve Leger dresses easy to spot long, you can use 20 Herve Leger grams of Angelica water, drink three days before menstruation, Herve Leger dress but also a variety of soup with angelica銆?銆恠oup.

4. Herve Leger dresses Pearl powder can be mixed in honey, you can also mix in Herve Leger sale the egg white, the cosmetics can also be integrated into, herve leger bandage the painted face, a beauty cream and soothing beauty Herve Leger sale of Herve Leger the effect.

For security reasons, pearl powder, Herve Leger dress try not to be taken internally.

I also believe that Herve Leger dresses the best beauty than health exercise, can increase the Herve Leger sale level of yang, can promote better blood flow, you can not herve leger bandage keep up with elimination from the face of a variety of stains, can be described as underlying herve leger bandage causes.

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