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Magic of female

Magic of female Herve Leger beauty - and beauty of the relationship between freckle

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For almost everyone will face at different growth stages and different seasons Herve Leger longer than the various spots, but most spots will soon disappear.

A plaque is characterized Herve Leger dress by growing season, but also a barometer of our health, it is an important factor affecting our Herve Leger dresses image, so long spot is not only women, but Herve Leger dress also worthy of attention and focus for men's Herve Leger sale health problems.

In general the two spots is a normal expected: 1. Age spots due to the herve leger bandage increase with age, the function of various organs will gradually decline, particularly blood Herve Leger circulation problems.

Of course, if health well, probably not even a big age students Herve Leger dress spot; 2. Imjin spot due to the birth of the female body a new life, blood will be modified, Herve Leger dresses changed, but under normal circumstances, that giving birth

types of spots will fade. Herve Leger sale

If you spot other people face a long, and is a problem with Herve Leger dresses blood circulation, which herve leger bandage is blood stasis.

The blood in our bodies like a river, but not exactly the same, the Herve Leger river is always flowing to the lower height, and our blood flows from high to low in addition Herve Leger dress to, but also to overcome the Earth's gravity upward mobility.

Chinese medicine, qi Herve Leger dresses is the force of blood, the blood stasis and qi stagnation, yang deficiency, blood flows slowly, Herve Leger sale it will cause poor blood circulation, blood stasis caused by partial blockage to form a variety herve leger bandage of spots.

Generally cheerful person, if the pressure is too large, break bad Herve Leger sale acne on Herve Leger the president introverted person, liver qi stagnation, depressed, stain a stain on the president's Herve Leger dress people should eat sour fruits and vegetables.

Yang body cold: 1. Lower Cambrian in the Herve Leger dresses Heat: Acne 2. Up and down the whole cool: dark yellow face, as well as stain.

Yang body Herve Leger sale of people should be eating cold food cold, eat more warming food.

Cold food such as: herve leger bandage crabs, oysters, bitter gourd, lettuce, duck, pork and so on.

銆?銆怌anon of Medicine, said Yin Jingyang move, that is, those who love the food moving things are generally warm, all things are generally quiet herve leger bandage hi cold thing.

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